It’s a very special occurrence, for the weekend.

It was probably four weeks ago when the following clip first was brought to my attention. In that time it’s been sent to me repeatedly, and each time, I graciously thanked the sender, and then tossed it in the trash.

However today is not like any other day’s worth of fodder, because today happens to be AHTBM’s 666th post, and as such, needed to have some content that was worthy of its esteemed spot in line.

So it’s with reluctance that I post this. It’s not safe for work or home or many places and I’d recommend you just save yourself the trouble and not watch it at all;

But what am I going to watch and/or cleanse my pallet with after that train wreck?” you might be asking. No other content would be appropriate for our 666th post, except for possibly this.

Let me rephrase… Except for definitely this;