One for the weekend.

Ordinarily I would post a video here. Maybe something light hearted and funny. Today I’m not feeling like either of those things after reading about this absolute steaming bag of crap in Colorado.
Would you like to sound off?
Feel free.
Judicial District Attorney’s Office
Mr. Mark Hurlbert, District Attorney
955 Chambers Rd.,
P.O. Box 295 Eagle, CO. 81631
(970) 328-694 7; (970) 328- 1016 fax
As I just stated elsewhere on the interwebs, the more frequently this happens, the greater chance it becomes of becoming the precedent.
That simply will not do.

Play ball>Take ball home.

Living about fifteen clicks Northeast from the middle of nowhere has both its advantages as well as its disadvantages.
One of the varied disadvantages being that if you want some really good Ethiopian food at 3:00 in the morning, assuming that you can find a taqueria that’s open, you’re gonna have to eat a burrito and call it good.
I also long for the days when no matter where I went in the greater Bay Area, day or night, rain or shine, I would run into a friendly face.
Like for example one time when I was on the Embarcadero and a tug boat came by and I was like, Oh hey, there’s Tugboat Gravel Pile Jim! “Hey Tugboat Gravel Pile Jim!” I exclaimed, and he was like, “heeeey Stevil.”

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Some for the weekend.

In the topsy-turvy world of web logging, sometimes you find a gem of a video, like this one of Captain Wingnut Rob Ford, but then in the days following your discovery, it gets embraced by many more of your ilk and you see it pop up all over the place. At that point you kinda loose the scoop and you make a sad face, but it’s still so good that you have to post it anyway.
That said, Toronto, meet your new mayor.

Nice work, voting public.
Anyhow.. then a fella like CD sends you the following video, and it also is so good that you have no choice but to post it immediately, lest you get scooped on that one as well.
It’s truly a roller coaster of a life we marginally skilled web loggers live.