An entire post dedicated to the letters H and D.

Image of the ‘Harley Davidson‘ riding ‘East Bay Dragons’ lifted from here.

Appropriately, just as I foolishly decided to embark on this challenge, Nancy came though with the following photo, which for the sake of consistency I will simply title ‘Harrowing Day';

The shot as well as the clip harken back to a time when legends were made and spirits were clearly broken, the second half of which, I can relate to almost beyond my physical capability;

Photo by Skotty Pawz.

Moving on, in association with Hodala, (or the Hodala Drunkards, if we are to keep with the theme), I am very proud to announce the newest item on which we’ve collaborated which is awesome as hell now, but eventually will be destined to wind up in a thrift store or a landfill;

The new Wizard Staff arm warmers will be available within the dank recesses of the All Hail The Black Market Market this week, but until that time, I suppose the proper response to this would be ‘Hot Damn‘.

In order to give proper credit where credit is due, the vision for this project came from Sally and his band of ner-do-wells. I simply was in the right place at the right time and am extraordinarily grateful that they thought to include me in their nightmare.

*Late breaking update. These very limited edition beauts can be found here.*

Now just to kill a little space, on Monday I learned that there are nine people in these United States named Harry Dong;

That’s hugely unfortunate for them, but quite lucky for us.

In other news of stuff and things, yesterday my door was darkened by the lovely and talented Aden Shades, who some might remember as the recent Minneapolis West transplant that very nearly bought the farm a few months ago after being doored by an inattentive driver;

(This is what the aftermath looks like when the corner of a car door nicks the carotid artery.)

Only with this event well in the rear view mirror (much like the one clearly not used by the offender before she opened the door into Aden’s path) can I light heartedly say that she very gracefully ‘Heckled Death‘.

Anyway, I’m happy to say she’s safe and sound and at my house this very minute, holding in her hot little hands two tickets to paradise;

To recognize the good fortune of her not being dead and stuff, we’ll do the right thing and blow our ears out in celebration, which could simply be looked at as ‘Hearing Destruction

And with that, we’re brought square into to the end of today’s post, which by all accounts will most likely be deemed ‘Hugely Disappointing’.

14 thoughts on “An entire post dedicated to the letters H and D.

  1. The good old days of racing,,, when guys were just hep-up on Speed and not making their blood so thick that their hearts would stop pumping in the middle of the night.. Oh and some kick as Helmets..

  2. Holy Dildos!
    That’s really weird, man. I just watched that video of the ’85 P-R yesterday. My buddy Little Naked Brice and I were talking about how great it was that we could watch classic races on the Ewe Tube, and that’s the one I’d just watched.
    Huge Dwarves.


  3. The great joy of those arm warmers will be explaining them to all the people who inquire about their origins. Perhaps a demonstration…

  4. Yob is so good live. Make sure and show up in time to catch ’em. Also, make see if you can grab a chair for neurosis. Awesome, but they played just a hair over 1.5 hours last time I saw em.

  5. There was a guy in my hometown named Harry Busch. Dude knew how to fuck with prank calling kids too. I learned some awesome insults from that guy.

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