Brand new All Hail The Black Market kits.

I interrupt this mid-week’s regularly scheduled post for an announcement.
I have some new skins coming down the pipe, the price breakdown for which is as follows;
$70.00 for a short sleeved jersey (club and race raglan)
$65.00 for a vest
$107.00 for a short sleeved skinsuit
$78.00 for a men’s or women’s short
$88.00 for a men’s or women’s bib
$90.00 for a long sleeved jersey (club and race raglan)
$90.00 for a jacket
$127.00 for a long sleeved skinsuit
$35.00 for arm warmers (one red, one grey)
You wanna know how you get these? Go here, log in, place the order, pour yourself a glass of juice, cheers your dog’s or cat’s collar, step on safe with the knowledge that you are soon gonna be way more good looking.

A tale about a place and some things, part one.

Since my return from this past weekend’s Oregon Manifest show, my brain has been awash in the sights and sounds of a bicycleboozefueledstripperladenandfriendlyfaceexplosion train wreck.
This is an image of a simple, white square, because any other attempts to create or provide an illustration of a bicycleboozefueledstripperladenandfriendlyfaceexplosion train wreck proved to be unsuccessful.

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