“My glass was half full, but some jackass came along and drank it.”

After seeing the images of the amazing devastation in Japan, it’s difficult to construct a post. All of the issues, or stories, or agendas that I might broach pale in comparison to what they are contending with. If I had a heart, it would certainly go out to them. One thing I have noticed while taking in the various news feeds, is that not once has any of the talking heads made even a single mention that if it were not for the incredible engineering and the stead fast resolve and preparedness of the Japanese people, the death toll could have very well been in the hundreds of thousands.
(Please note that at the time of writing this, the state of the meltdown was not known. Writing posts ahead of time under the guise of writing in real time is proving to be difficult.)
Photo taken from the boinger of Boings.

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