Nappy Jew Year!

Since I don’t have an appropriate image to go with today’s post title, I will simply include a photo of the absolute rager I am attending this very minute, in celebration of the death of 2010;

Now I’ve never been one to invest in new year’s resolutions, as I feel that any time is a good time to commit to bettering one’s self. Last year was different for me however, as I decided to finally get in line with the masses and promise to clean up my act;

As it turned out, that one didn’t work out so well, but I suppose I always have this year to try it again.
You know what they say about “if at first you don’t succeed.”

Any way you slice it, we all have to set goals for ourselves.

There are lots of theories I’ve heard this year saying that we are on the cusp of a global re-awakening, however before that happens, shit’s gonna get crazy. As proven by this photo and back story from Jason, Colorado is well ahead of the curve;

“Kooky billboard on a used car lot in Arvada;
Though he looks more like Thor, I suppose that’s supposed to be Jesus in the center. Obama or Melky Cabrera is on the left, listening to a donkey and elephant. At the top of the list on the right is “British Accreditation Registry,” which is what “BAR,” as in the Bar Association of lawyers, originally stood for. Some quick googling leads me to believe that some of the Tea Party nuts think this indicates that the US is still a British colony. Democracy also makes a surprise appearance on the list.”

If that doesn’t make me want to buy a car from them, nothing will.

At this point I am going to nip this in the bud and wish all of you a very safe and unsane evening. Thank you for making 2010 an amazing year for me here in the Mercado el Negro, and I will leave you with thoughts of Southern Discomfort;

If that doesn’t do it for you, then perhaps this will;

I doubt a double bill is anywhere in the cards, except right here..
Anyway, 2010 was good, but here is to an even better 2011.

11 thoughts on “Nappy Jew Year!

  1. Laughed my head off at your opening line and the expression on the faces of the two ladies looking into the camera on your photo. Have really enjoyed reading your blog again this year – it’s cheered me up through some not so good times. Have a great new year. Steve.

  2. Stevil,
    Happy New Year. Had a blast reading the stuff this year looking forward to next.
    BTW why is everyone in the pics dressed so warm when there’s no snow on the ground?
    Just askin.

  3. As you know the start of 2010 was unimaginably tragic yet the end of 2010 has been surprising magic. The global re-awakening begins within. And yep, it’s fucking crazy when it happens.

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