Rhymes with ‘pippin’.

Sitting here before you, today finds me not only furiously addressing envelopes in preparation for the kit’s arrival (which from this point forward will be known as “Stretchypantsageddon”), but I have quarterly taxes to prepare as well, and I’ve found that hand scribbled notes to myself don’t officially count as actual receipts.
An image plucked off the internet to illustrate what I would look like if I had a tie on and two men were standing behind me, also with ties. The only exception is I look alot less enraged and alot more like I’m about to cry.

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Getting rad is rad.

Steve sent this clip to me Wednesday morning, and for that, I thank him.

Due to a bit of a cluster of a schedule, Friday’s post wont be happening this week, so I wish you all well, and if you are in the Bay Area, please come by for the Bike Snob’s book party.
Assuming the kits arrive today, I will be bringing those for anyone in the greater Bay Area to hand off in person.
If they don’t show up, then it will just be me and an empty bag. Either way, we will have a fine time.
If a random link is what you desire, then from Newt, I offer you This bit of complete awesomeness.
Except for the puppy part. That part was sad.
Now get back to our regularly scheduled program.
Over and out peeps. Until we cross paths again.